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You've gone above and beyond with your music. Hire an engineer that will do the same for your mixes and masters.

Available Services

Mixer Desk

Mixing Services

Starting at $99

Simply send the raw recordings of your song, and I will send you back a mix that sounds exciting, balanced, polished, and ready for mastering. Each mix includes 3 rounds of revisions, so you can rest assured that the mix will sound exactly as you envisioned. 

Mastering Services

Starting at $49

Once your music has been mixed to perfection, it's now ready for the mastering process. Using your stereo mix as a starting point, I will create a cohesive master that sounds dynamic, full, and ready for release on both CD and streaming services. Each master includes 3 rounds of revisions, so you can be confident that your track will sound good anywhere it's played. 

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Still Not Convinced?
Let Me Mix or Master a Free Sample 

I know that mixing and mastering services can be a large investment for artists, and I want you to feel 100% confident that I can get you the results you're looking for before you pay anything.


If you're not absolutely certain that I'm the right fit for you, click the button below and I will mix or master a free sample of your music. Simply send me the raw recordings (for a sample mix) or the pre-mixed stereo track (for a sample master), and I will send back a free mix or mastering sample to help you decide if I'm the right fit for you.



My name's Andrew Clark. I'm a professional mixing and mastering engineer who's been working in the music industry for almost 10 years. One of my biggest passions is to help artists realize their musical and creative vision. If you're looking for a mixing and mastering engineer who puts as much into your music as you do, then shoot me a message and let's get started!

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